Importation during lockdown

We are still able to import your cargo as usual. Even amidst the lockdown, our warehouses in China, Taiwan, Thailand, and HK are fully operational.

However, the problem is in the Philippine end. Although customs is actually processing our shipments FASTER as usual (because there are fewer shipments coming in), our clients are unable to pick up their cargoes in a timely manner due to ECQ regulations. For instance, not all local transport companies are able to handle “non-essentials” or at least bring them across border checkpoints.

Here’s the sequence of causes and effects…

  • When our storages in the Philippines are full…
    • We are unable to retrieve more containers from customs
    • We instruct our overseas facilities to temporarily halt shipping to Philippines (which results in them being overloaded)
    • They temporarily stop accepting cargo from our clients.
  • Whenever we have cleared enough room in our Manila warehouses and storages…
    • We get more containers from customs
    • We instruct our partners overseas to ship out containers
    • They get new empty ones in place
    • They load them up and free up room at the warehouse
    • They accept new shipments.

Still, we advise our clients to still process their orders with their suppliers as usual – and just stand by for the soonest availability of our corresponding overseas warehouse to accept their cargo.

If you’re buying something from China, Taiwan, Thailand, or Hong Kong, you would still be able to get your cargo sooner if your process it now than if you wait for the ECQ to be over.

When it’s finally lifted, we expect shipments to come in en-masse – leading to momentary congestion of sorts as things go back to normal. This is what you are subjecting your shipment to if you wait until the end of the ECQ.

Another good reason to buy now:

The silver lining in all this is that suppliers, like everyone else, are bending over backward to jumpstart their businesses. They are more willing than ever to offer lower prices and MOQs 🙂

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