5 products to import for the typhoon season

PAGASA’s announcement for heavy rains are expected last until Q1 2021 presents opportunities for importers. Below is our top 5 list of items (along with supplier recommendations) for importers.

#1: Emergency kits

Emergency kits are must have every home. Although having one kit per person may be too much, it wouldn’t hurt to have some extra just in case a neighbor might be in need.

An emergency kit has bandages, gauze, disinfectants and other first aid stuff. The higher the price, the more comprehensive the selection of items is.  Emergency kits, however, tend to not include two items that are very important: a water bottle and a pill box.

You can last a few days without food, but without water you won’t survive very long. The moment the storm hits, it would be a good idea to have a trusty water bottle in your kit.

For people with conditions, it would also be wise to have some extra pills in your emergency kit. A lot of them come in the form of a keychain.

Click the links below to view a list of suppliers for each product

  1. Waterproof emergency kits
  2. Vacuum water bottles
  3. Waterproof pill boxes

#2 Power banks

During a disaster, it’s very important that you and your loved ones can stay in touch by phone. A phone without charge can either be simple inconvenience or the difference between life and death. Make sure you always have a power bank ready.

There are three kinds of power banks that we found interesting:

  1. High capacity pocket power banks
  2. Solar powered power banks
  3. Heavy duty charging stations

#3 Emergency Flashlight and Lamps

Although the powerbank serves to charge the phone, and almost all phones have a flashlight, the idea is to save your phone’s battery for calls and texts. Although candles would do the trick, it poses a fire hazard and isn’t ideal for households with toddlers and small spaces with combustible items nearby.

Considering that the situation being considered here is a combination of power outage with the possibility of flooding, we took the liberty of suggesting waterproof variants – as well as rechargeable batteries so you can do away with environmentally hazardous disposable ones.

  1. Waterproof LED flashlight
  2. Waterproof LED lantern
  3. Rechargeable batteries
  4. Battery chargers

#4 Emergency fan

Philippines is a hot and humid country and it’s hard to fall asleep without a fan or an air conditioner to keep you comfortable. Having an emergency fan can help you get the much-needed rest at night. This item is a necessity for households with babies.

Check out available products HERE

#5 Portable stove

If your kitchen happens to be on the first floor and it floods, you won’t be able to cook food. If you reside in a flood-prone area, it’s a good idea to have portable stove on the higher floor for emergencies to cook food and boil water.

Check out suppliers of portable stoves HERE

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