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How to import Full Containers into the Philippines without a license enables you to bring in entire containers of anything into the Philippines even if you don’t have an import license – which is normally required, along with other regulatory requirements that are specific to the product.  Our clients include both licensed and unlicensed importers. Why also the licensed? Because just because you have an […]

5 products to import for the typhoon season

PAGASA’s announcement for heavy rains are expected last until Q1 2021 presents opportunities for importers. Below is our top 5 list of items (along with supplier recommendations) for importers. #1: Emergency kits Emergency kits are must have every home. Although having one kit per person may be too much, it wouldn’t hurt to have some […]

Hassle-Free Importation from S Korea to Philippines

Just in time for Christmas: we are very excited to announce that we now offer hassle-free importation from South Korea! Just like importing from China, Taiwan, and HK, you just need to ask your supplier for your shipment’s gross weights and dimensions and enter those measurements on our quotation form to get your all-inclusive importation […]