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Please note that our importation services (importanything.ph/import) already include customs clearance – but the entail that we are the one handling your shipment from start to finish. 

However, if you found out too late about us and now you have a shipment that is being held at the Bureau of Customs (BOC) or if it’s still on it’s way, you can stop worrying! But first let’s explain the three scenarios and their differences before you fill up the form below. 

A. The shipment is now being held at the BOC

At this point, penalties are already in place and the best thing you can do is act fast and try to get it out. The longer you wait, the more expensive the penalties will be. If you don’t have the requirements that you’re being asked for, we’ll negotiate on your behalf and give you a single amount that you have to settle. 

You don’t have to worry about the missing requirements and you just have to wait for the delivery in 2-5 days (depending on where you’re having it delivered). 

Of the three, this is the least ideal situation to be in and you can avoid it by availing of our end-to-end importation service the next time around. See it at importanything.ph/import

B. The shipment is en route to the Philippines

If your supplier has already shipped the cargo but it still hasn’t reached the BOC, you COULD still avoid the penalties mentioned in Scenario A. But you have to act quickly because the further along it is in transit, the more likely it is to be picked up on the charts of BOC.

When that happens, you may have to spend extra just to get the path to clearance opened up but at least we’ve already notified the appropriate channels to buy you some time and leeway.

Again, to avoid this situation, please use our end-to-end service for your future shipments. See it at importanything.ph/import

B. The shipment is still with the supplier

Of the three, this is the best scenario to be in as you can still avail of our end-to-end importation service. 

We will be able to ensure a clear path to entry for your cargo and expedited handling at the BOC (they will clear the shipment immediately upon receipt), avoiding penalties and normal processing times.

To get started, please fill up the form below and indicate the correct status of your shipment. If you have any questions, you can chat with us or call 0917 638 4274. (Remember to act quickly if you’re in either scenario A or B)