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The Late John Gokongwei on Charity and Business

John Gokongwei

The late John Gokongwei was the third richest person in the Philippines when he died in 2019. He was also consistently on Forbes’s top billionaires’ list. Although a billionaire, he proved to the world how paying it forward can go hand-in-hand with a successful business. With holdings in power generation, aviation, food and beverage, livestock […]

How the Late Henry Sy Has Got It All


Stories about how one overcame poverty and eventually became rich and powerful—either through hard work or perseverance, meeting the right people at the right time, or just by luck and chance—often inspire us. After all, the road to success and achievement doesn’t come on a silver platter. It is earned through the trials in life […]

Are 3D Printers From China Any Good?

3D printing technology

China’s ambition of “Made in China 2025” fuels the growth of 3D printers in the country. With an eagerness to dominate the international market in 3D printing, China’s government is all out in helping industries that produce 3D printers. Domestically, China saw growth at a yearly rate of around 40 percent with commercial applications in […]

Is It Worth It To Get A Bureau of Customs Accreditation?


The long and short of it is: Not really. However, preparing all the needed documents, along with processing time, may prove to be cumbersome for some business owners just to get a Bureau of Customs Accreditation. With that, let us walk you through the importation process, some regulations, and the needed documents to procure an […]

Do You Really Need To Get An Import License?

import license

So you want to diversify your store offerings for your customers by importing certain products from other countries in Asia. The question now is: How will you get your goods into the country hassle-free? You need an import license. Or do you really need one? Let’s find out. What is it? An important license is […]

How To “Bee” Jolly Like Tony Tan Caktiong

Jollibee by Tony Tan Caktiong

The very image of an orange and yellow striped “jolly” “bee” certainly tugs a smile on anyone’s lips. It has become a household name both in the Philippines and in other countries with a big Filipino community. The iconic mascot is not only synonymous with children’s parties but is also living proof that the Philippines […]

How Lucio Tan Helps Philippines Soar to the Sky

PAL by Lucio Tan

One can never put a good man down, and Lucio Tan is living proof of that. From humble beginnings, he triumphed over adversities thrown his way. He established a household name for himself and became the country’s flag carrier through Philippine Airlines. How It All Started He started out as a janitor. He then put […]