Two important year-end opportunities for importers

There are two important opportunities that you can take advantage of as 2020 comes to an end.


The first one is Christmas. Even though we have a pandemic going on, there are still a lot of products you can import from overseas, particularly China, that you can sell as early as November. If you have an existing store, a brand, or both, you can buy products on Alibaba that fit your niche market.

So far, we haven’t had any of the delays in customs clearance which usually start in September, but if you’re buying for December 25, your shipment may arrive just in time if you ship your cargo through us in the next few days.

Another idea for the end of the year are corporate gifts. You can expect these to come with lower profit margins but you’d be selling these in volume- although it’s not unusual to still be able to get a 100% markup if you select a product with little to no competition.

Click here to see the current results if you search for “corporate gifts” on Alibaba. You’ll be amazed at how many new products are available.

Should you decide to get into selling giveaways, again, it would be wise to choose products that you can sell all throughout the year. Just in case you have leftovers. In other words, only your packaging should be holiday-themed, not the product itself.


Looking for new beginnings, this is when a lot of people are feeling entrepreneurial, looking for a new business to get into – and for a lot of them, this means looking for products to buy and sell.

If you want products that you can distribute, there’s no better place to look than China for the widest selection. Toys, gadgets, accessories, home appliances, the latest in personal protection accessories (face masks and face shields) almost anything and everything you can get direct from factories.

We also cover Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, but they have far fewer choices on Alibaba.


For those who are not yet familiar with, we enable Filipinos (individuals and businesses) to import nearly anything from China, Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong affordably, with no paperwork, hassle from customs, and no surprise fees. We offer a REAL door-to-door service without any snags – and best of all, you can find out what your total importation charge will be before even spending a single cent.

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