Importation is usually a long and tedious process that involves a lot of paperwork, back and forth between brokers, and a lot of hidden charges. You just complete two simple steps, and that’s it!

That’s all it takes! 

We’ll handle all the export and import processes as well as clearing your cargo from customs. 

As soon as your shipment is cleared, we’ll send you the bill. Once you’ve settled, you can either have it delivered to your door or come to our warehouse in QC to pick it up yourself. 


Already talking to a supplier and you want to know how much your importation cost is going to be? Ask them for the gross measurements of your cargo (inclusive of packaging) and fill up this form! 

The two steps above are really the only two that you have to take to get your shipment moving. The following are just what happens “behind the scene” and once your cargo has cleared customs. 

    1. Your supplier will access the shipping link where they will get instructions to print and attach our shipping marks to all of your packages.
    2. These shipping marks (aka shipping labels) are the only way we’re able to identify your packages so it’s important they are affixed to every piece of your cargo.
    3. Your supplier ships your cargo to our processing facility
    4. As soon as we receive your cargo, it is immediately loaded into the next available container bound for Manila.
    5. Once the container is full, it will ship it out.
    6. The container enters customs clearance.
    7. Once your cargo is out of customs and has already been transferred to our releasing warehouse, we will take the measurements of your cargo and compute your importation cost.
    8. If you requested a quotation before the shipment, if the measurements you provided before matches the actual measurements, the quotation and the actual charge will be the identical. The actual charge will just be higher or lower than the quotation depending on the real measurements. (This is why when getting a quotation, it’s a good idea to just ask your supplier for the actual measurements and relay those to us instead of giving us ballpark figures)
    9. Once we have the actual charge, we will send you a billing email. You will have the option of paying extra for the door-to-door delivery fee or you can just settle the importation cost and pick-up your cargo in Cubao, QC.
    10. Once you’ve settled the amount and you want to pick-up, just give us the name of the person picking up the cargo. When he arrives, we will check his ID, and if it’s the same person, we release the cargo.



That’s it! Importing with us is fast, cheap, and easy.
Now all you have to do is find a supplier!

If it’s your first time buying products overseas, we offer a Sourcing & Importation Manual that will save you a lot of time and money by teaching you the do’s and don’ts of sourcing. We’ll teach you the tricks on how to get exactly what you want at the lowest price possible from manufacturers.

We will not only teach you how to avoid the common mistakes of newbie importers, we will give you step-by-step instructions on what to do and when. We will also discuss our other services and how you can use them to help grow your business.