This page is for importing loose cargo.

For importing full containers, click here
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  1. Register to get your Client ID. Click here
  2. COPY the appropriate shipping URL from below and FORWARD to your supplier along with your Client ID (Note: The pages are only accessible to the suppliers)

SEA (Average 3 weeks)

  1. China to Philippines by SEA:
  2. Hong Kong to Philippines by SEA:
  3. Japan to Philippines by SEA:
  4. Korea to Philppines by SEA:
  5. Singapore to Philippines by SEA:
  6. Taiwan to Philippines by SEA:
  7. Thalland to Philippines by SEA: please contact us on Viber at 0917 638 4274 or email

AIR (Average 3 days)

  1. China-Philippines by AIR:
  2. Hong Kong to Philippines by AIR:
  3. Korea to Philippines by AIR:

Important note regarding air shipping: If shipping batteries or electronics with batteries, medical supplies and medical equipment, and other sensitive items, please send photos of the items to or call 0917 638 4274 for approval. 

That’s it! 

Take note of your Client ID and bookmark this page. You’ll have everything you need each time you have to ship something into the Philippines.


  1. Upon accessing the form and entering your client ID, your supplier will receive the instructions on how to process your shipment and where to send it.
  2. They will be issued a unique shipping mark which they have to print and attach to your boxes.
  3. They will send it to our warehouse (within their country). Once we receive the cargo, we will load it immediately into the next container bound for Manila.
  4. It will ship out, pass through Philippine customs, then sent to our releasing office once cleared. Once there, we will send you the bill. Once paid, you can pickup or have it delivered to your door. 



  1. Your supplier will have to print and attach the unique shipping mark to your boxes. You can ask them for pictures of the cargo for proof that they have done this.
  2. Upon delivery of your cargo to our warehouse, your supplier will be given a container number. Get it from them. With it, you can track the status of the container when you log in to your account. Note: It’s your only way of tracking your shipment
  3. We are not responsible for the loss of boxes that do not bear our shipping mark.
  4. If your supplier has any questions or concerns, please have them contact our WeChat ID, importanythingph (no dot).