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This is where you book your incoming (import) and outgoing (export) cargo. Just tap or click either of options below to see the instructions. Remember to bookmark this page for your future shipments. 

Imports (Inbound Shipments))


  1. Register to get your Client ID. Click here
  2. COPY AND SEND appropriate shipping URL from below and forward to your supplier along with your Client ID (Note: The pages are only accessible to the suppliers)

SEA (Average 3 weeks)

  1. China to Philippines by SEA:
  2. Hong Kong to Philippines by SEA:
  3. Japan to Philippines by SEA:
  4. Korea to Philppines by SEA:
  5. Singapore to Philippines by SEA:
  6. Taiwan to Philippines by SEA:
  7. Thalland to Philippines by SEA:

AIR (Average 3 days)

  1. China-Philippines by AIR:
  2. Hong Kong to Philippines by AIR:
  3. Korea to Philippines by AIR:

Important note regarding air shipping: If shipping batteries or electronics with batteries, medical supplies and medical equipment, and other sensitive items, please send photos of the items to or call 0917 638 4274 for approval. 

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Take note of your Client ID and bookmark this page. You’ll have everything you need each time you have to ship something into the Philippines.



Got quick questions? See the FAQs page or call us at 0917 638 4274. We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, Saturdays 9am to 2pm. 

Exports (Outbound Shipments)

Hands-down the easiest way to ship anything from Philippines to anywhere in the world

Just fill out the quotation form below (start by selecting “export” in the first field) and give us a few basic details. Once you get your quote, you can pay, then we’ll pick up your shipment from your door and have it delivered to its destination in 5 days or less. It’s that easy!