Hassle-Free International Payment Service (Taglish)

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Ang pag send ng payment to suppliers is ma-rekositos through the bank. Need mo mag fill up the papers, disclose sa bank kung para saan yung pinapadala na funds, and you have to deal with yung process nila ng KYC (which means Know Your Client) – which is somewhat informal pero basically is involves them knowing about mga transaction mo. 

With us, private ang transaction mo, di mo na need mag purchase ng foreign currency kasi peso lang din ang need mo deposit. No need na pumila sa bank, and mag fill up ng papers. Just complete the form below and ma se-send sa supplier nyo yung payment within 24 hours (weekdays only).

Ang cutoff is 4pm, Monday to Friday. Kung yung deposit nyo is hindi pa cleared before cutoff, ma p-process namin yung transaction sa next business day.